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Design Service

From initial concept to signed off design.

We can support you in the design and specification of your project.

Call us to discuss your requirements.


CNC Profile Cutting

We offer a full CNC Plasma cutting and Drawing Service.

Create single or multiple components from your own design files or work with us to convert your sketches into metal.


We can work from most CAD/CAM files (incl DXF, SVG). 


We can CNC Plasma cut Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel and stock most common grades and thicknesses.

Call us to discuss your requirements.


Fabrication, Welding & CNC Plasma

We offer a complete fabrication and welding service.

We fabricate with Mild steel, Aluminium and Stainless steel

CNC Plasma cutting

Finishing and Coating

Metal can be finished in many ways. Depending on your requirements we can polish, paint, vinyl coat, powder coat, hot-dip (galvanising) or supply as bare metal.


Repair and Call-out

For when you need something repaired onsite and in a hurry.

We offer a mobile welding and repair service to get your project repaired, or you and your machine back and running in a shorter time as possible.

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